Text or Call Me For An Appointment!

I pride myself on building real relationships with my clients. From the very first consultation where I begin to understand your hair, its behavior, its relationship to your face, your style, to the long-term changes you’ll inevitably have with regards to styling, I want to be as accessible and personable as humanly possible. I might be one of the only stylists in Aventura that gives out her personal phone number so clients can text me directly when scheduling their next (or their very first) session with me.

Don’t be alarmed by the 917 area code; I gained a lot of experience in high-end salons in New York so I decided to keep the phone number, and those clients still reach out to me to this day! If you want to see what services I offer, visit my services page, or feel free to reach out directly by texting or calling 917-565-2563.

Wondering how to get to my salon? Visit this page or use the map below!